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Enjoy the comfort of a single headset to converse on the telephone and dispatch on the two-way radio using RadioMate's SwitchMate™. With a step on the footswitch, your telephone conversation is held and your audio is switched to allow transmit function on your analog or digital radio. Use the footswitch alone for push-to-talk function or combine it with a six-wire headset interface , offering remote push-to-talk capability from your belt, while you roam up to 25 feet from the radio. A wide variety of headset styles are available for use with the SwitchMate™. Choose the heavy-duty type footswitch model to meet your dispatch requirements. Allow us to quote you a complete set that includes a headset interface, Switchmate™, radio cable, and footswitch. Add a cordless unit for additional convenience and mobility.


For conversing on an analog or digital telephone and transmitting on an analog or digital radio using a single headset, the SwitchMate provides dispatch convenience and function. Order for use with a 4-wire headset (S3DC) or a 6-wire headset (S3DD), a radio cable made specific to connect to your base station, remote or console, and a  heavy-duty footswitch. The set gives hands-free dispatch, with the switching between the telephone function and the radio transmit accomplished by a touch of the footswitch. For added mobility for the dispatcher, add a cordless unit PN# (102) CA10CD to transmit remotely on the radio up to 150’ away.
102 CA12CD
The 102 CA12CD is a cordless PTT (push-to-talk) headset adapter designed to provide encrypted communications and PTT functionality for applications such as Public Safety Dispatch and Air Traffic Control. The 102 CA12CD uses digital processing (DECT standard) and operates in the UPCS band (1.92 – 1.93 GHz) in North America. It features a QD (Quick Disconnect) and is compatible with all RadioMate headsets.
RMT 001 20-10250-06
Heavy Duty footswitch for use with Switchmate II™ or JackMate™
This 6-wire interface features a belt-mounted Push-to-Talk Switch and your choice of 10, 15 or 25 foot coiled cords. The RadioMate RMT XX4-1 may be used with control stations, communication consoles, RadioMate® SwitchMate II™ or JackMate™.
The RadioMate® RMT AA interface is for use with jack-equipped telephones, communication consoles, and RadioMate® SwitchMate II™ or JackMate™.


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